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I've invested time and money in multiple self help programs, books, videos etc over the years in hopes of strengthening my abilities as an entrepreneur and Paul has been a brick in my foundation. Just like Hill, Carnegie, or Covey he delivers his own twist on perspective of success as well as a list of motivational exercises that have helped me become the multibusiness owning/investor ive become. Thanks Paul!


Paul is amazing at what he does! He really has a lot of insight for helping me achieve my goals puts them into easy steps for me follow. Even if you don't know where you are headed he takes the time to evaluate and see your situation and creates the path toward success! I really recommend working with him!!


Honestly!! It's not even 8am and I've already done more work today than I have all week! Thanks Paul! You're a life saver. And my confiedence is up by doing this!!

Coaching Programs

The Coaching Programs I've developed are intensive programs that helps People unlock their unlimited power in their life, career, relationship, finances, and personal growth.

Learn to achieve your biggest dreams!
Learn to overcome your biggest fears.

This program is not for People who do not like to take action, it's only for people who have an open mind, and who are able to try something new.

This program is only for serious People who are tired of playing small and want to play bigger in their life and will do whatever it takes to not only accomplish their goals, but to develop into the strongest version of themselves.

My 1-on-1 Peak Performance Coaching Program

It's a 6 month coaching program with a 60 minute intake and weekly 30 minute powerful coaching sessions. So 24 sessions in total.
Now, in addition to owning your vision and where we want to go I'm going to help you develop into a stronger, grounded, and more self reliant man by focusing on 4 key areas. Those 4 key areas are...
  1. Reclaim Your Purpose & Power
  2. Owning Your Destiny
  3. Unleashing the Beast
  4. Know Thyself

Reclaim Your Purpose & Power:

Most People are following what friends, family, and society tells them to do. They're not doing what they're really meant to do with their lives. You will relcaim your purpose and power by finding your legend. This gives you more excitement, clarity, drive and direction. It put's you in alignment with your Calling. This gives you the edge you need to defeat your challenges and reach your goals faster. You'll develop a deeper understanding of who you are, your true values, and what drives your happiness so that you can go out and do the work that fulfills your life's work.

Wouldn't you rather do work that fulfills you?

Owning Your Destiny:

If you do not know where you're going, any road will take you there. Unfortunately most people don't have a clear step by step roadmap that get's them from where they are now to where they want to be. You will develop a step by step action plan, in all areas of your life, that will get you from point A to B as fast and as efficiently as possible. You'll never have to wonder “what to do next.”

Do you feel that a step by step plan would be helpful?

Unleashing the Beast:

Most People play life small and shrink in the face of adversity. They're scared to take action or to boldly stand up for themselves because of the fear of failure, risk, public embarrassment, or don't feel like they're enough. This resistance holds People back from fulfilling their true potential in all areas of their life: health, wealth, career, business, relationships, personal growth. I provide you the tools and resources you need to break resistance, bad habits, and the patterns that hold you will develop the courage to take action, be bold, be decisive, embrace the unknown and develop more mental toughness to become a powerful person of action in all areas of your life.

Do you think that being able to take bold action without the limitation of irrational fear would be beneficial?

Know Thyself:

Most people are scared to reveal who they really are and how they really feel with Men, Women, and most importantly...themselves. You will develop into a stronger, more authentic person. This will improve your relationships with Men, Women, and most importantly the relationship with yourself...because when you love you for who you truly are and not who you pretend to be, so do other people. You're ability to stay true to your core values, be more gracious, and be more open will allow you to live an authentic live that is adventurous, fulfilling and powerfully present. Mastering yourself sets you free.

You'll have heavy accountability throughout the process with unlimited message support, 7 days per week.

You'll receive weekly challenges, exercises, and homework assignments that will bring you outside your comfort zone for maximum results.

That's not all!I go above and beyond for my tribe and provide extreme value for my clients. Here's what else is included:

High Level Private Community

Support is everything when it comes to transformation. I kept that in mind when I developed my High Level Private Community. In this group you can bring your challenges, wins, and losses. It's a safe place for you and it's an opportunity for you to compartmentalize your life and get real, raw, and consistent advice from people that are on the same journey as you. It's there to help keep you going on your journey.

Script templates

So you can get really good at overcoming objections and pitching your product/service to increase your conversion rate and get you more sales in less time.

Budget sheet

A tool to help you keep track of your income and expenses and allow you to see exactly how much you can save and how much you are spending.

Goal planner

A tool to help you make massive action toward achieving your goals in every area of your life and free up more of your time.

Debt payoff calculator

A tool to show you what debts are hurting you the most and allow you to pay them off at an exponential rate.


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